A Bit About Me

So, you are here at my blog prowling around the about page. What are your motives? I’m unsure of why you would end up in such a dark, obscure corner of the internet, procrastinating no doubt. If the above is the case then please, allow me to assist you (FUN). If you made it past the pre-amble perhaps you actually want to hear a little about me and this blog thing…..

I’m a Keele University graduate and nerd who is pursuing a future in music and sound engineering. My dream is to build a venue and social foundation for the local music communities in my immediate area. Although the internet age is amazing and helps us all to stay connected with each-other I still cherish those collective moments spent together in physical space.

This blog will be used to keep my mind somewhat active as the engaging threats of academia fade away. I get into bouts of frustration and depressive moods when I stop creating or if I am unable to express myself freely so having another outlet for that is why this page was born.

What you can expect? My amateur attempts at short stories and poetry, as well as journal entries, self deprecating tone, think pieces and critique.